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History of Assert

Assert (B&H) was founded in 2002 and became a registered charity in 2003. We are a small local charity in Brighton and Hove that supports both people with AS and HFA and their parents, partners and carers. In 2006 we received the Argus Charity of the Year award and in 2010 received the Queens Golden Jubilee Award for voluntary services by groups in the community.

Assert was founded by a group of three mothers whose children had Asperger Syndrome and found support through one another.

Providing support to those with AS or ASC and their parents, partners or carers

Support adults with Asperger Syndrome or High Functioning Autism and their parents, partners or carers by providing advice, information, resources, education, social inclusion, volunteering opportunities and support to improve wellbeing and reduce isolation.

Raising awareness of the condition and ensuring that people have a voice

We also aim to raise awareness of the condition,challenge negative stereotypes and highlight the many positive aspects of AS/HFA such as fairness, logic and attention to detail.

We support people to ensure that their voice heard and promote the need for service provision through our work, locally, regionally and nationally. We work to raise awareness of the condition at every level from small organisations, employers, colleges to local and national Government policy.

Staff team at Assert

Assert employs four part time staff and one full time. The roles of the workers are:

Autism Support Adviser: Liam Ragless

Adult Education Coordinator Julia Martinez

Benefits Liaison/Case Worker: Emma Fraser

Volunteer/Activities Coordinator: Kathryn Chuck

Strategic Development Manager: Sarah Bourne

Governance of Assert

Assert is managed by a board of trustees, including people with AS/HFA.

Assert is a member led organisation; both individuals and organisations can become members of Assert and support the work that we undertake. Members can vote at the annual Assert AGM.


If you would like to support the work of Assert and become a member, please get in touch for further information.


Registered charity number 1099257

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